Snow Removal Rates

Snow Removal Rates

*When It Comes To Snow Removal You Are Only Charged For The Amount Of Snow That Falls. BLADES Will Make As Many Visits To Your Location As Possible With No Extra Fees Or Charges Per Visit.

*Automatic Residential Plow Trigger is 2″.

*Automatic Commercial Plow Trigger is 1″.

*Automatic Commercial Salt Trigger Is Any Snowfall or Ice Accumulation.

*Commercial Pricing Is Determined By Estimate Only.

*Guaranteed Price Matching With A Copy of Our Competitors Estimate.

*Snow Removal Contracts Are Valid November 1st. To March 31st. The following Year.

*All Snow Removal Work Is Billed After Each Snow Event Or The Total Annual Contract Paid Out Over 4 months

Residential Rates:

Driveway Plowed (Average Driveway) $35.00 for 2-4″
$70.00 for 5-7″
$105.00 for 8-10″
$140.00 for 11-13″
$175.00 for 14″ & Up
Sidewalks cleared $10.00 per snowfall Sidewalk To Front Door
Salting of Sidewalks & Driveway $40.00 per application (City Walks Not Included)
Call Back for removal of drifted snow $35.00 Per Call





Commercial Rates:

*All Commercial Plow Account Pricing Is Determined By Estimate. Commercial Accounts Are Set Up That The Price Doubles For Each Category Of Snowfall (EXAMPLE)

Parking Lot Plowed (Example) $100.00 for 1-3″
$200.00 for 4-7″
$300.00 for 7-10″
$400.00 for 11-13″
$500.00 for 14″ & Up
Sidewalks cleared Determined By Estimate
Salting of Sidewalks Determined By Estimate
Salting of Parking Lot Determined By Estimate
Call Back for removal of drifted snow $75.00/Per Hour


*For Residential & Commercial Snow Removal Heavy Equipment May Be Required For Heavy Snowfalls Or When Blizzard Conditions Exist For Snow Pile Removal. If  This Equipment Is Required, It Is Priced As Follows:

Skid Steer $150.00 Per Hour

Loader $225.00 Per Hour

Dump Truck $150.00 Per Hour