Grass Cutting & Outdoor Service Rates

Lawn Care & Outdoor Services That We Offer!

*Final Prices Are Determined By Estimate.

*Commercial Pricing Determined By Estimate Only.

*Guaranteed Price Matching With A Copy of Our Competitors Estimate.

*Grass Cutting Contracts Are Valid March 1st. To November 31st.

*All Summer Work Is Billed Monthly.

Spring Clean Up $105.00 Per Hour/Charged Per 15 Minutes
Fall Clean Up $105.00 Per Hour/Charged Per 15 Minutes
Lawn Cutting Starts At $35.00 Per Cut Weekly
$55.00 Bi-Weekly
Corner Lots starts at:
$45.00 Per Cut Weekly
$65.00 Per Cut Bi-Weekly
Bagging & Disposal of Grass Clippings $2.50 Per Cut
Trimming Included in Price of Cut
Edging Included in Price of Cut
Clean off Clippings From Sidewalk & Driveway Included in Price of Cut
Fertilizer By Estimate Applied By Perf-A-Lawn
Weed Killer Spray $35.00 Per Application Gardens/Sidewalks
Trimming Shrubs $10.00 Per Bush
$35.00 Per Ornamental
$75.00 Per Tree Raise Up
Weeding $35.00 Per Hour/Per Laborer
Lawn Dethatching & Collect $125.00 (Just Dethatch Is $85.00)
Lawn Aerating $85.00
Mulching $120.00 Per Yard Installed + Delivery
Grass Over Seed $100.00 Per Application
Gutter Cleaning By Estimate Only
Emergency Storm Clean Up $50.00 Per Hour/Per Laborer